Starting January 1, 2024, major streaming services in the Netherlands must invest 5% of their annual revenue into Dutch audiovisual productions. This law, approved on October 31, mandates funding for series, films, and documentaries, aiming to boost Dutch content on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

State Secretary Gunay Uslu stated, “Successful streaming services in the Dutch market should contribute to Dutch content, allowing both local and international audiences to enjoy our productions.” This initiative is expected to generate around €45 million in investments annually.

The law stipulates that at least half of these investments go to Dutch films, series, and documentaries, with a minimum of 60% created by independent producers. This will diversify content and strengthen the audiovisual sector, benefiting screenwriters, directors, and production designers.

This development is particularly promising for music libraries like our own Liberry. With an expected increase in Dutch productions, there will likely be a higher demand for production music, providing new opportunities for our library and contributing to the vibrant Dutch audiovisual landscape.