Copyright Power International is an independent music publisher. We focus on composers, music production companies, artists and publishers working in the (advertising) music industry in the field of radio, television, commercials, CDs and performances. We specialize in handling the entire copyright and related judicial process concerning organizations such as Buma / Stemra, Sena, Norma and so on. In addition, Copyright Power supports its writer & artist on a business and creative level. Through the years of experience we are good at it, and help our customers, customer-oriented at every level! We filter all noises out.

Capture, administer and collecting music rights

Bo Saris

Bo Saris, aka Boris Titulaer is a Dutch singer and had his breakthrough in 2004 of the then popular...

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Audi | Road To Zero

Audi 'Road To Zero' is een campagne gemaakt door Ambassadors, met de 'nul-emissie' van Audi de...

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Thanks to Copyright Power, I can fully concentrate on my career

Grandmono & Caro Emerald

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